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Lamb d’Avignon Stew with Vegetables


This preparation of lamb meat cooked in white wine and accompanied by vegetables (carrots, potatoes, artichokes and peas) is a specialty of the city of Avignon.

To be eaten hot (3 minutes closed jar in the microwave or pour the contents into a saucepan and heat over low heat).


11cm (d) x 11cm (h)

Net weight


List of ingredients

lamb meat 29.4%, carrots 18.8%, potatoes 15.0%, white wine (sulphites) 12.1%, artichokes 7.5%, onions 7.5%, peas 3.8 %, sunflower oil 1.8%, garlic 1.5%, olive oil 0.8%, thyme 0.7%, wheat flour 0.7%, salt 0.3%, white pepper 0.1 %, Juniper berries

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