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Coq Au Vin


Find the traditional recipe for coq au vin cooked with red wine, salt pork and vegetables (carrots, baby onions, mushrooms, etc.).

To be eaten hot (3 minutes closed jar in the microwave or pour the contents into a saucepan and heat over low heat).

Store in a dry place away from light, and between 2° and 4° after opening.


11cm (d) x 11cm (h)

Net weight


List of ingredients

coq 37.5%, red wine 35.7%, carrots 5.4%, salted breast 5.4%, baby onions 4.3%, button mushrooms 4.3%, onions 3.1%, garlic 0, 9%, sunflower oil 0.9%, flour (wheat) 0.7%, salt 0.5%, olive oil 0.5%, double tomato paste 0.4%, white peppercorns 0, 2%, juniper berries 0.2%, white pepper 0.1%, thyme

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