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Handcrafted in Auvergne, our BBQ sauce will delight all gourmets looking for a taste of subtly smoked tomato sauce.

Made with 100% organic ingredients simmered in a pot, this brown sauce with sweet, salty and smoked flavors is mainly used as a marinade or to accompany grilled meats such as ribs.

It will bring a spicy touch to dishes and especially to your homemade burgers!

This recipe favors short circuits thanks to our partnership with a dozen local producers. Something to delight more than one!

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List of ingredients

Tomato puree *, onion *, water, cane sugar *, cider vinegar *, balsamic vinegar * (wine vinegar *, grape must * cooked), mustard * (mustard seed *, alcohol vinegar *, water, salt), soy sauce * (water, soy beans *, salt, alcohol *, koji (Aspergillus oryzae), garlic *, salt, smoked paprika *, cayenne pepper *. * Ingredient from Organic Farming

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